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Caroline Street

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My name is Caroline Street. I am an artist from Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.

My art 'education' was a living one - the bush - the heat and the dust, its creatures, wildlife, rivers, mountains, streams and of course the trees were a big part of my life. I feel that South Africa, it's flora and fauna are ingrained in me. Other interests which I sometimes integrate into my art is design, architecture and world history. My art is versatile and I feel that I paint something for everyone, my subjects include wildlife and birds, still-life, landscapes, some architecture and buildings, portraits and figures and flora of all sorts, some contemporary and some abstract work. I write poetry as well, but these poems are usually inspired by a subject that I paint and the poem is purely based on that, i.e. the thoughts and feelings I have as I paint. I am mostly self-taught and have gained inspiration from many artists, books etc. I spent many years 'battling' along by myself, but this was a great learning period for me. I have that 'never give up' approach and will leave nothing uncovered in my search to improve and I certainly gained much experience from that as where some might give up, I do not. Some art instruction I received from a local teacher, Heila van der Merwe, who taught me the finer points about art and I am grateful to her for that.

My work is a 'thought' process right down to the last stroke. I can spend hours to a couple of weeks on a painting. I paint what I love and if something grabs my attention whether it is a real-life or an imagined scene, something from a book or something I set up - I will paint it. Each subject dictates to me how 'it' wants to be painted. I do not intentionally paint in a 'style', this just materialises by itself. Each finished piece for me is a celebration and a big thank you to my Creator. My paintings are the very essence of me.

My main medium is oils, which I call the living paint. Every now and then I work in acrylics. I have worked with watercolour, batik, lino, collage, pastels, and gouache, but always return to oils, this being my favourite.

I have been painting forever it seems and have sold my work locally and to American collectors. I have exhibited in many areas where I reside and I have recently been invited to exhibit my art in Denmark. A recent exciting commission for me was three paintings, which had to be copied from a book called 'Mpumalanga our Beautiful Province'. The paintings were auctioned successfully on the same night as the launch of the book. I have had a few competition wins, and recently became the subject of an art project by an art student! How nice is that! I feel quite honoured.

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