This workshop, to be hosted by Barbara Moore on  13th  November 2010, is free and  a gift from the Watercolour Society.  It concerns the  importance of the role of perspective in a painting/drawing and the placing of light and shadow within a landscape. 

This knowledge will enlighten members on the importance of space, light and colour as these  three factors play an important role in enhancing and balancing  a composition.  Colleen will be asked to arrange this workshop with members.

Greg Kerr



WORKSHOP IN white river

30 November – 3 december 2010 








Dear Student,


Welcome to the Dogs in Space workshop.  I look forward very much to seeing you in White River.


The four days will be spent painting (very little drawing) two works in oil. For convenenience, we will start the paintings in acrylic and on day two (afternoon) move to oil. While you are likely to get far with the works, it is not assumed that you will finish, so there is no pressure during the class. I will send you out into the world beyond with some ideas on how you might consolidate and present the work, but the big decisions will ultimately be yours.


The emphasis in the workshop will be on the Generative stategies one can use by attacking the canvas before starting on the final iconography. This approach is in contrast to the approach that one might call the “linear”, in which a careful drawing or cartoon is designed and the painting follows that drawing faithfully to near the end. Students enrolled in the Precious Pet program have completed such a work in the second workshop and the painterly approach I use in this Generation workshop is meant to be a contrast to that approach. I hope you will enjoy it; it allows a lot of freedom and spontenaity, but can be a hard taskmistress at the end.

LOUIS AUDIE will do 2 more workshops in November 2010, and those of
you who know him wil agree that he is a master, but he is not well and
is getting older. We must grab the opportunity to attend & learn from
him while he is still able to conduct these wonderfull workshops.

DATES: 15 & 16 November / and 18 & 19 November 2010

VENUE: Ambience Inn Studio & Gallery, 28 Wally Scott Street, White River.

TIME: 9:00 - 16:00

LUNCH: 13:00 every day and is included in the price

TEA / COFFEE & REFRESHMENTS: Included and is available at all times at
the Studio



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